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Resolved! KxDashboards - Run with an expired version

We have just restarted our KxDashboard, but the error log is saying "Kx Dashboards expired! Update to latest". But we need the dashboard up urgently, even if its out of date, it is fully functional. Is there a way to start it in this state without up...

jlucid by Contributor
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Resolved! Kx dashboards - Time zone issue

The issue is if a user is logging in the dashboard, it is taking the user's local time (Ex: Denver) but that should not happen. By default, for all users the time zone should be UTC. How do I default the time zone as UTC for across all the users in t...

VM_67 by New Contributor II
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question about external content of kx dashboards

I would like to apply a component called "external content" to show a web page on my dashboard. I find it work well when the URL is a domain name like https://cn.bing.com/ , but it reports invalid URL when the URL likes ip:port. Is there any way for ...

xian by New Contributor
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Resolved! How to link 'Filters' across multiple data-grids?

Hey there, Apologies for the novice question. I am building out a dashboard with several tabs each having their own data-grid, but all coming from the same table - an absolute behemoth of 200+ columns that only displays certain columns based on which...