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Resolved! Azul v Oracle Java

Hi all, We have been looking at Azul performance compared to Oracle Java and Azul appears to have improved performance. https://www.azul.com/blog/benchmarking-renaissance-on-openjdk-and-azul-platform-prime/ Just wondering if anyone is using Azul with...

nfrishling by New Contributor II
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Resolved! grant View of ACTION TRACKER to dashboard user

Hello Everyone, I granted some entities in READ access level to a user , but the user could not view data grid of Action Tracker. There is nothing but a icon of "loading" on AT's page, and on the upper-right corner , AT's status is "DOWN"(in red). Pl...

leguan by New Contributor III
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overwritten event callback function does not work

Hello Everyone, I am doing a small project which monitors all in-coming connections to kx-platform, and customized biz logic would be executed through call-back functions. I overwrote several event callback functions according to https://code.kx.com/...

leguan by New Contributor III
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Resolved! send a message to action tracker

Hello Everyone, I started a process, having " .dm.regsrcc[`ds_at; "dxATAlert"] " in its initFunction, and sent a message to action tracker like this: .dm.pubc[`ds_at; `dxATAlert; sample_tab ] (sample_tab has the same structure as table dxATAlert does...

leguan by New Contributor III
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Resolved! how to start a q task with extra SO command

Hello everyone, I would like to ask how to start a q task/instance along with extra OS system command within KxPlatform.Conventionally, after user right-click on a pre-defined q task/instance, platform launches the process like :"/platForm_home/delta...

leguan by New Contributor III
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