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Resolved! I can't start KX Developer and Pyq

Hi everyone I have two questions for KX Developer and Pyq My system version is 01 KDB+ 4.0 2022.08.19 Copyright (C) 1993-2022 Kx Systemsl64/ 16(24)core 64146MB evol evol-system-product-name EXPIRE 2023.01.04 1300017032@qq.com KOD #5009956 0...

Screenshot from 2022-10-21 20-55-10.png
evol by New Contributor II
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Resolved! How to plot contents from dynamic query

Hello, I would like to be able to plot data return by a dynamic query, where the schema of the table is not fixed. Ideally I would like to plot one line per column of data, with the legend being the column labels of the data table. Is it possible to ...

Lint option availability in Kx Control 4.6.0

Hi, We are using Kx platform 4.6.0 and would like to use Code linting https://code.kx.com/developer/linting/ We do not see this option available at the moment but we could see the AxLibrary available. Would you Please let know how to enable this feat...

Aishwarya by New Contributor
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Resolved! verify taskSet of a running kdb+ process

Hello Everyone, I would like to ask what linux OS cmd(s) would you use, for instance pidStat , in purpose to verify on which taskset(core) a kdb+ process runs on . best, leguan

leguan by New Contributor III
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