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Canvas Charts - Drag to zoom

On version 2.1.0, I am using the "canvas chart" component to create a bar chart where the x-axis begins at zero and I have a data point at x=0. I wish to zoom into the range from 0 to 10 on the x-axis range. If I put my cursor on 10, left click and h...

jlucid by Contributor
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Resolved! Config Manager: Import a CSV config

Hi Guys, I am trying to import a CSV configuration file on Config Manager dashboard and see the following error. The error goes away when the user is part of the Administrators group. Is that how the Config Manager is meant to be used? i.e only by th...

cj by New Contributor III
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KX Developer not allowing me to execute

So I'm currently using KX Developer and I'm trying to use the sandbox, but the method to execute code (ctrl+D) isn't working, displaying some kind of error message (just saying the dataset's name). Can somebody help me?

RichardL by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Possible to run both Developer and Dashboard in local personal KDB?

Hi all, I've not managed to do this yet, but it would be great if possible: is it possible to run both Developer and Dashboard in my local version of KDB? This is on my home machine, trying things out, so it's on the personal/ free licence. I've trie...

Sven by New Contributor
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how to migrate local kdb to aws kx

I am migrating historical database from on-premise KX to aws KX. RDB is still running on premise; just historical data will be on AWS. I need two types of script: - script for migrating historical data - script for daily roll over cna anybody help th...

renbright by New Contributor II
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