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how do we fetch a table from a dictionary in virtual query

I have no experience in JS scripts ,I have a case where my Data source is returning a dictionary of tables ,because I need to work on the same set of data with slight adjustments and the data set is very large. So I am returning something like below ...

Resolved! questions about .pm.async.logEnabled

Hello Everyone, There is a RDB process in our platform whose instance var ".pm.asnyc.logEnabled" was set to TRUE, this resulted in every call of "UPD" had a record in .pm.querylog, made the RDB deadly slow and lost timeliness. 1. The strange thing is...

leguan by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Data Grid Column Hidden Attribute

Data Grid Column has Hidden Attribute as shown in below screenshot. we can bind this attribute\property using View State Variable lets say. IsColumn1Hidden. Now to drive column visible\Hidden setting, we have UI like below: where we give column name ...

Vinod_Sardar_0-1669120560020.png Vinod_Sardar_1-1669120686445.png

QLinting Rules

Hello there, How to add custom Linting rules to a rule table. Thanks in advance.

Vijay18 by New Contributor
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