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Resolved! verify taskSet of a running kdb+ process

Hello Everyone, I would like to ask what linux OS cmd(s) would you use, for instance pidStat , in purpose to verify on which taskset(core) a kdb+ process runs on . best, leguan

leguan by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Fetch a user list from a user group

Hi All, Is there a way we can find out list of users in a user group on a running Kx? Things I have tried are: ug:`userGroupName;.px.upd.getUsers[ug].px.upd.getMailLists[ug] Appreciate any help.

cj by New Contributor II
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JupyterQ(Docker) fails to get license

Hi all, I am trying to run jupyterq with the docker run command on github page. jupyter server process works find and then open kdb+Notebooks, a dialog having title "unlicensed workstation" comes up, but the page shows 404. It seems the license agree...

Jackie by New Contributor
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Dashboards Direct TLS Connection

Hi All,Im using Dashboards Direct V1.6.1 and Im trying to set up a simple TLS connection and having a few issues However whenever I try to execute anything extremely simple ([]til 10) I get 'TLS Only errors Im able to open a TLS connection manually f...

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Dunny by New Contributor II
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Custom Drop down for NFAR resolution for every alert instance

Hi all,I'm looking to add custom resolution to NFAR for every alert instance generated in Action Tracker Custom drop down options per alert instance for NFAR state. For instance with X we might have the choices: NFAR – EFP with futures based on prev ...

naraink by New Contributor
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