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Resolved! How to make externally-changed files tracked by Kx Developer

Hi Community, I have some files that are updated by a script, but the changes are not reflected in Kx Developer. I don't wish to use Upload Local Files or Upload From Server every time such changes happen (they seem to support only files not folders ...

darrenwsun by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Dashboard differences in edit mode

Hi All, I'd like to get to the bottom of an issue that I'm having with dashboards and I feel like I've been bothering Ryan Wasson too much and keeping too much of his really great guidance to myself, so I'm putting my question out here this time. Eve...

soldham_0-1656079507467.png soldham_1-1656079713146.png
soldham by New Contributor II
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Charting Status (Category Data) over Time

There are occassions when what we need to chart are not linear values over time - as is typical, but instead category data - like the status of a piece of machinery in a manufacturing process over the course of the day. This can be achieved using KX ...

transpose.jpg dfallon_0-1655390880094.png dfallon_1-1655391114348.png dfallon_2-1655391366393.png
dfallon by Contributor
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Resolved! KX Dashboard editor mode

Good day to KX Gurus, Hope that everyone is well, I have a question on entering editor mode, may I know if there is a way to do it in KX Dashboard Direct? I think with Platform we are able to control it, however would like to know if it is possible, ...

ahtat78 by New Contributor II
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Irregular Behaviour using EmbedR

Hello, A client has put together some scripts that take tables from q, perform analysis in an R session and return separate tables back to q. They have seen some strange behaviour when trying to return one of the tables. The script works fine when th...

leades by Moderator
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