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Instance state alert

I need to understand the functioning of this alert. I have specified startTime, endTime, sym (machine name), period, instanceSearch(name of the process instance). My understanding is if the instance specified is not running beyond the time specified ...

cj by New Contributor II
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Resolved! How to run .py in KX Developer

Hi community My problem is:" I can't open .py in KX Developer." error: embedPy must be loaded to evaluate Python code My version in Conda base env kdb 4.0 embedPy 1.5 jupyterq 1.1.13 python 3.9.12 that's my terminal code for q that's my code for Kx d...

Screenshot from 2022-10-24 20-41-34.png Screenshot from 2022-10-24 20-42-54.png
evol by New Contributor II
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Resolved! KX Developer on Macbook M1 or M2

Is there a way to install KX Developer on Macbooks with M1 or M2 processors? Because when I run install.sh, it returns a message stating that only x86_64 architectures are supported when M1 and M2 is built on ARM64.

mhickman by New Contributor
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Resolved! Launching Dashboard

I've followed the documentation to install KX but I don't see an executable to launch to open a dashboard. Would I need to launch via Eclipse or some other tool?

cpmexpert by New Contributor II
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Analyst functionality

I'm looking in to Kx Analyst as an IDE and a few of our users have begun to it, and will be collating a few feature requests in this thread. Please can these be assessed and considered as improvements to the IDE? 2022.10.21 - A Linux-like SIGINT func...

phutt by New Contributor II
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