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embedPy inside q (kdb+) process fails to import a module

New Contributor III

Hi community

    I must learn how to use python modules inside q kdb+ process. 

at the process of learning :

1.  using windows 10 x64 q , kdb+ , anaconda virtual environment 

on python 3.8.10, and KX Developer IDE.

2. learned how to use embedPy and successfully loaded some 

python modules like 'os' in to q using reflections.


now …

I try to use qoinbase-q to learn integrating embedPy with web-sockets
on q kdb+ database.

this code use an other project to extend q language using python modules
extend .it fail on a point attempting to get functions of coin-pro python

[4] C:\Users\srv\.conda\envs\qenv\q\extend.q:181: .py.reflection.priv.context@:{.py.reflection.priv[y;`cxt][x;z]}

can you help me fined how to debug it and resolve the problem?



the function is:

.py.reflection.priv.context:{[obj; atr; arg]
  init: atr[`functions][`$"__init__"];
  params: init[`parameters];
  required: params[::;`required];

  if[(arg~(::)) and (any required);
    '"Missing required parameters: ",", " sv string where required];

  blk: .ut.blankNS;
  arg: .py.reflection.priv.args[arg];
  ins: $[1<count arg;.;@][obj;arg];

  atr[`vars]: .py.vars[ins];
  atr: @[atr;`functions;{x _ `$"__init__"}];

  cxt: blk,(,/)value .ut.eachKV[`doc _ atr;{.py.reflection.priv[y;`cxt][x;z]}[ins]];


Moderator Moderator

Hi Ori,

Interesting to see if anyone else in the Community has tried using this library who may be able to assist 🤞

Just in case anyone else is interesting in looking at this issue, can I check you are referring to these projects?

Thanks for sharing with the Community.

Kind regards,


New Contributor III

Thanks David

   Do you know how to debug such cases? I try to display contents 

of the python library and understand what is the problem there,

I can't get it working the output is not clear and I can't understand

whet is the problem?


The error is that a variable "cxt" is not being found. 


General debugging tips included on: 


As this is a third party project you will get better support by raising an issue with the developer directly:

The developer does not document the supported embedPy versions which would be important to know.


One difference I see is you are calling


But the developer passes a string - this could be your issue 

cli: .cli.priv.addFuncs .cbpro.PublicClient[url];



Thanks Rian

    I am already in contact with Michael on this issue.

He is busy with other things so I try to resolve problem myself.

    Will try to insert the url, will you be able to help me debug this problem?

I'm  stack with it since last week....