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how do we fetch a table from a dictionary in virtual query

New Contributor

I have no experience in JS scripts ,I have a case where my Data source is returning a dictionary of tables ,because I need to work on the same set of data with slight adjustments and the data set is very large. So I am returning something like below in my data Source.

table1:([] xx:`a`b`c; yy:(1;2;3))

table2:([] xx:`a`b`c; zz:(2022;2023;2024))


Now in my one datagrid using virtual query I want to display data of table1 and in the other one the data of table2. For this I need my virtual query to display data of only one key of the dictionary


Moderator Moderator

Interesting here @sebymathew, we welcome feedback from fellow community contributors on this one! 

Thanks for sharing