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How to connect KDB to dbvisualizer.

New Contributor
Hi All,

  I have a KDB stack all running fine. (Thanks to this group for the help).
  I want to connect dbvisualizer (link here: to my KDB or RDB to visualize the tables. 

  Just to bring in notice dbvisualizer doesn't support KDB implicitly but allows to configure with odbc connections.
  Could please anyone can help to set up the dbvisualizer with KDB. Or is there any other tool supported like dbvisualizer.

Thanks and Regards,

New Contributor
As dbvis supports jdbc connection, I have tried doing the setup using that which is working. Steps are mentioned below.
Also, I have not explored dbvis much so I don't know what all advance options it will support but at least basic operations are working.

 Or you can build also. Details here -

Copy this file to your QHOME.

2. Copy 's.k' file to QHOME if it is not present.
You can also get it from here -

3. Now in dbvis, go to Tools->Driver Manager  and add a new driver. In the panel,
- give a name
- in URL Format specify: jdbc:q:server:port (example:  jdbc:q:localhost:5000)
- Add jdbc.jar file 
- After above step, 'Driver Class' option will show the available driver. Select that if not selected.

More details can be found here:

4. Go To Database-> Create Database Connection.  In the wizard select the driver you created in step 3, and in 'Database URL' field mention ' jdbc:q:localhost:5000' (replace server and port)

Thanks a lot, Rahul it works.
I am able to integrate dbvis with KDB server.


Hi Pratap,

I can help answer your question about other tools - along with our solutions stack which Rahul referred to (see Kx Dashboards), Kx also offer a free IDE called Kx Developer which has a Grammar of Graphics based visualization library written in q that might do the trick for you.

Some good visualization examples on the github here.

Rebecca Kelly | Kx Technical Evangelist | ML COE US | Kx |  (646) 630-4381 |

New Contributor
You could also try:

-  qstudio.

KX also has its own product.