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KX Community Launch June 2021

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi q-urus! 

Many of you may not know me - I’m Laura Kerr, the latest addition to the KX Evangelism team. I’m delighted to be reaching out today to let you all know that the KX Community is moving to a new location on the 15th of June 2021! 

Over the years you, the great people of the KX Community, have been very willing to bestow your knowledge on others and help your fellow members so we are taking all this history with us to our new location. 

We made this decision to move as, while this group has been a fantastic resource, we want to invest more into our community, create a better experience (like improved search capabilities!) for our users and give more recognition and visibility to our community members.

This new location will be a Stack Overflow-esque online space where users can search the forums for answers, pose new questions and submit responses. We value your continued participation in this group over the years and we want you to keep that history, so in our new space members of this group will have their previous activity associated with their accounts if they register with the same email as used here. From the 15th June this Google group will be read-only.

I’ll be sending though more information on the community in the run up to launch and if anyone would like to be more involved or has any ideas they would like to share please do let me know.

We’re really excited to launch this new space and welcome even more people to our great KX Community.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Happy Coding, 


Laura Kerr | KX Technical Evangelist | KX