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KX Community - Spoiler Alert!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi q-urus! 

Thank you so much for all the great responses to the new community initiative, we’re delighted you are as excited as we are! ?

As promised, here are some examples of how the new community will work: 




Within a forum you can post questions, respond to questions, mark a solution as correct (if you posted the question), give kudos to responses and questions you like, or just lurk (and still search topics and read questions and responses) !


Spoiler alert!

Sometimes you may want to hide a part of your response (e.g. code solutions to a quiz or puzzle) and you can do that with a cool feature called a Spoiler:




Weekly quiz

Fun fact - we’re planning to use the spoiler feature when we launch our weekly quiz initiative with some KXers and community members e.g. Alvi Kabir of daily-q fame!


If you’d like to be involved as a Quizmaster or have other suggestions for fun activities within the community, let us know.

As always, reach out with any suggestions, questions, or if you’d like to be involved! 

Happy Coding,


Laura Kerr | KX Technical Evangelist | KX