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adverb projection/composition questions

New Contributor
Reading up on compositions and I see that one is created with the prefix form:


Is there no infix form in q?

f'g signals an exception.

In k4 however both of these work--I would have expected them to be equivalent but they are not.



Furthermore, why does '['] have a type of 106 when ' is not a function and is expecting a function argument--why is it not a projection? '' is not a derived function as far as I can tell.

  @ ('['])

Also please tell me why the ' gets replaced in the first expression.


Finally from an internal execution point of view (not result), is there any difference between these two expressions:

q)(+/'')((1 2;3 4);(5 6 7;8 9 10))
3  7
18 27

q)('[';'][+/])((1 2;3 4);(5 6 7;8 9 10))
3  7
18 27

Thanks for any insight.