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Parsing XML messages in kdb+

I have a table which includes an XML column which I need to parse. Are there any libraries/parsers out there which I can use or do I have to do it manually?

Alex4 by Visitor
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Resolved! c.so file for arm32

Hi- I am wondering if anyone know where to get the c.so file for arm32 architecture. I searched on the github area and almost every architect exists but the one for arm32. Even if the file is older build, does anyone know where to download it? Thanks...

alanchh by New Contributor
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Resolved! Partitioning Tables Intraday by Custom Fields?

Hello all, Sharing a query from a client and would appreciate some feedback from the community: Is it possible to partition data based on a time/date field other than the date in the TP log file? Is this a feasible request and a feature that can be e...

Resolved! embedPy: q list imported as numpy array

Hey Team, I've been using an object in Python with Q via embedPy. In using this, I've found that it appears that lists of floats from Q is represented by embedPy in Python as a numpy array of floats. This was an issue in my case because the object I ...

Resolved! KX Developer Visual Inspector Multiple X points

Hello, I cant seem to figure out if this is possible but i want to compare 2 different price columns at a time over certain period. Is this possible on the visual inspector? My table looks like this: time price pricev2 ------------------------------ ...

Resolved! Querying HDB database after schema update.

Hello Community, I am helping a client who cannot query the HDB database after a schema update. A new column ''source'' was added and now when they query the table, the following error that the directory cannot be found is generated: ./2021.07.23/bon...

Resolved! Dashboards 1.4.1 Released!

Calling all Dashboards users - download the latest version from code.kx.com and take it for a spin. New features include Document Graph auto-clean up, ANSI SQL support (note - this features requires s.k. beta), PDF export, Data Grid composite sparkli...

dfallon by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Question on streaming

I have a question. Having a data source publishing real time quotes(bid price and ask price), I want to subscribe it and plot the mid price(0.5*bid+0.5*ask) using the streaming mode. How to do it please? As shown in the picture, it seems only one fil...

MSHK by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Using GG Plot and Grammar of Graphics in Dashboards

I have created a demo of a dashboard using GG Plot to create a candlesticks graph which can be panned and zoomed and displays trade positions which run off screen. The code and details on how to set up the demo can be found here: https://github.com/l...

lmills by New Contributor
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Resolved! Basic (but still intriguing to me) q Interpreter question

A bit at lost here... Can someone enlighten me as to how the interpreter works in the following situation: q)show a:10?(-1 0 1) //Just to have something0 1 1 0 -1 0 1 -1 0 0 q)(>)a //That's the curiosity1 2 6 0 3 5 8 9 4 7 I understand this is actual...

JP by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Transform Specific Column Values

Hello, Assume that I have a table like; prices:([]sym:`u#`$();price:`float$()) ..and updating this table through the standard .u.upd function with the incoming data like; data:((`$"AAPL.B*";`$"AAPL^#");(122.74;123.17)) Furthermore; I have loaded a CS...

Resolved! How to generate PDFs using kdb+ data and embedPy

I have created a repository that contains a q script with python and ggplot wrapper functions which generate a Report PDF containing graphs, text and kdb+ data tables. All instructions and the q script are uploaded to this repository: https://gitlab....

kbate by New Contributor
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Resolved! Dashboards - action triggers on page load

I created a virtual query which clears some view states and set it as data source for an action. It works as expected when action is triggered but I found out that it is also executed at page load. If I pass parameters to the dashboard they are now c...


Resolved! embedPy/ BeautifulSoup

Hi All, I am currently looking into scraping data using BeautifulSoup4 in embedPy. My issue is that I am having difficulty accessing the list of lists produced by the method find_all from a BeautifulSoup object. I have ran the below code in python an...

Resolved! Trouble With Huge CSVs

Greetings All, I've got a couple 40gb CSVs that I'm hoping to perform some joins on. I do not know the column format, or headers, or if headers are even in the csv. Im working with a good bit of memory, with 256gb accessible. Loading the files into m...

planefan by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Technical Analysis using embedPy

Hello All, I'm just starting out with embedPy and wondering if aoneone can help. I'm trying to use a module in python for some technical analysis. I was trying to use this module https://technical-analysis-library-in-python.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ ...

pyq add column to table

Greetings all, Trying to add a numpy array (as a column) to a table in pyq. Pyq documentation doesn't seem to have an answer for me. Any help greatly appreciated.

planefan by New Contributor III
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Need help installing pyq

I am new to KDB+ and q. I want to install it in my google cloud Debian Buster Linux. I have tried many things to install the pyq extension but didnt find a way to install it successfully. Here are specifications and methods I have tried. 1) uname -m ...

cron job of q script with timer

Hi, I had a previous question about cron job of q script with timer (can't see the non-published group email.)it seems I figured out--the way I was able to keep the q process keep running when starting from cron was to add a port number. Hmm... not s...

Angela by New Contributor
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cron job q script with timer

Hi,I can't seem to get a q script with a timer to continue running in cron.For example:$ cat bin/test.q.z.ts:{0N!.z.Z;}\t 2000If I run this normally it works fine. But when I try to put in in cron, it exits after one timer run. I tried using -t arg t...

Angela by New Contributor
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KX Community - Spoiler Alert!

Hi q-urus! Thank you so much for all the great responses to the new community initiative, we’re delighted you are as excited as we are! ? As promised, here are some examples of how the new community will work: Forums Within a forum you can post quest...

Laura by Community Manager
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Can't run K code from nsl.com (K n00b warning)

charset=utf-8Subject: Can't run K code from nsl.com (K n00b warning) To: personal-kdbplus@googlegroups.comFrom: Alexander Shendi Message-ID: <322A2B6D-128C-4B54-A917-0B4C17FA7116@web.de>X-Provags-ID: V03:K1:onkuEXbX1dOYssgSuCQ5fURUxBQCX+LEog9akuH52P7...

upsert to dictionary of tables?

Hi,So it's better/faster to do upsert with the symbol "`t upsert ..." than upsert and assign "t:t upsert ...", as show here, right?q)t0:t1:([]sym:`a`b;data:1 2)q)\t do[50000;`t1 upsert ([]sym:`a`b;data:1 2)]27q)t1:t0q)\t do[50000;t1:t1 upsert ([]sym:...

Angela by New Contributor
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