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New Contributor III
New Contributor III

As part of the KxDashboard 2.0.3 release, we have now added a new geographical map components providing an interactive data visualization tool that enables non-technical and power users to utilize and provide insight into their data. The map provides a simple and easy to use mechanism to query, transform, share and present live data.

KxDashboards Map Component with heatmapKxDashboards Map Component with heatmap

The map components allow user to create visually appealing, engaging, and performant geographic maps. Utilizing WebGL technologies the maps leverage hardware acceleration to render quickly and smoothly (with minimal lag). This is particularly noticeable with large datasets.



 What are the use cases ?

  • Visualizing and animating geographic data
  • No requirement for external access to the internet or external APIs
  • Adding points, circles, lines, and popups to maps programmatically
  • Display and interacting with large quantities of data on a map
  • Querying and filtering features on a map
  • Dynamically displaying and styling custom client-side data on a map.
  • Annotating polygons and lines on geographic data
  • Visualizing streaming and moving data geographically
  • Layering multiple layers of data on top of each other



Performance and big data

Our new map component is built with performance in mind. Utilizing WebGL technology , it leverages hardware acceleration to render maps quickly and smoothly. This performance advantage is particularly noticeable when dealing with large datasets or complex map interactions, ensuring users won't experience lag or delay while exploring their data

We also implement data driven style to help reduce any performance impacts when loading our maps

Additional, we have implemented an offline map mode, which storage the map assets on the local server. These assets are optimized to help improve performance. This has the additional benefit of not requiring any external APIs to get map information


line map.png


Dynamic and live data Visualization

Our component supports real-time/static/playback data, making it an excellent choice for applications that require dynamic visualizations.

Examples of this may include:

  • Shipping/ Aero / vehicle patterns analysis
  • Monitoring weather patterns
  • Analyzing geographical social media trends
  • Real estate  and property management
  • Urban planning and analysis
  • Location bases services such as ride sharing, food delivery
  • Tourism and travel applications



Custom Styling and tailoring visuals.

Our component offers a rich feature set for customizing map properties

Mapping data to Points/Lines/Circles/Heatmaps

  • map latitude and longitude to custom visuals
  • cluster or display all data
  • customize colors, sizes, fonts
  • define custom actions on selected on hover events
  • add custom tooltips
  • add data labels
  • add rotation and custom images



  • add lines annotations
  • measure distances between 2 or more points
  • add polygon annotations
  • filter data inside polygons


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Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

This is really cool Kieran. Thanks for sharing!


New Contributor III

Thanks for sharing Kieran. I am currently exploring the cool new map features and facing some difficulties making few things work that I am interested in.


  1. MapBox widget never loads up
  2. Offline Maps not working
  3. Maps Clustering works fine at the beginning but as you make few clicks on the cluster points, it un-clusters the points and renders individual point on the map. 

Please share some more information or documentation around the new capabilities so we can try those.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi CJ,

most likely these issues might be caused by the Content Security Policy (CSP) on the server.


If you are using chrome (press ctrl+shift+i) to see the error console . If there is an error here, could you post a screenshot here and we can then point you in the right direction