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New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Experience the world's fastest time series database today with the latest release of KxDashboard 2.0.0 !

  • Rich selection of  visualization, including  our ChartGL component leveraging hardware acceleration to enable the visualization of very large datasets.
  • Display real-time streaming or static data
  • For advanced users - Program in SQL and q
  • For novice and new users - Use or simple and easy to use query builder
  • Simple and easy to use drag and drop component builder
  • Easy to install 
  • Straight forward  detailed documentation
  • Data export and pdf print options


Here are a summary of the new features in our latest release:

Data grid 

  • Custom footer template

Data table

  • Client side pivot sort 
  • Column breakdown add/re-order/edit/remove

Data export

  • Raw data export option
  • Event tracking


  • Cartesian heatmap categories and labels
  • Line width 
  • Performance tracking
  • Line monotone interpolation

Data Form

  • Read only date pickers
  • Drop down selected ordered
  • Number input increment definition 


  • Add/Edit/Delete options


  • KML/KMZ Layers


  • Test connection button
  • System viewstates


Discover how this cutting edge tool empowers business and users to unlock insights, make informed decisions and drive success through visually captivating dashboards.


Download the latest copy of KxDashboard today at  and try yourself for free

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