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Resolved! Use .Q functions or not

in q.k, after .q.fmt, it says: /DO NOT USE ROUTINES PAST HERE. SUBJECT TO CHANGE I also noticed .Q.qm is removed from 3.6. So the question is: Shall users stay away from .Q functions?

codh by New Contributor
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Resolved! KDB Geom/Trig

Hey All, How do you use KDB sin/cos/tan to solve for the angles of a triangle? Im not asking about SOHCAHTOA -- when I use the sin/cos/tan functions in KDB/q I get different results compared to other language's functions. Is there a conversion im mis...

planefan by New Contributor III
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retrieving values

I have a basic question: a['name] vs b[val;'name] Do I understand the first is a dictionary and I get the value that corresponds to a key "name"? But what data structure is the second? Is that a list? I am reading the code and trying to make sense of...

MEdan by New Contributor
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Resolved! Importing data from csv file

fileName:hsym `$"C:/users/data.csv" show t:("SSDD";enlist",") 0: fileName After running these two lines iam getting below error: OS reports no such file or directory. But data.csv is there in the above location.

LearnerKDB by New Contributor II
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Resolved! insert into global table in peach

Suppose we have table tblAAPL, tblIBM already, can I insert data into each table by using peach to accelerate the process? If tables do not affect each other. for example: insert[; data] peach `tblAAPL`tblIBM I tested, got noupdate error.

Xiaocheng by New Contributor II
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Resolved! SQL call function with 2 args

I have a function which takes 2 arguments. Ill write some pseudo code for an idea f:{[x;y] $[x~`1;y;`0]} Then i have a table: t:([]a:`1`2`3;b:`4`5`6) Now i want to call that function and pass a and b to it from an update statement update c:f[a;b] fro...

Resolved! wavg implementation detail

Hi, everyone. I have some questions about wavg function. 0 wavg 5 / 5 5 wavg 5 / 5 2 wavg 2 3 7 / 4 5 2 3 wavg 3 / 3 According to the doc, the x and y of wavg[x;y] must both be numeric lists. But for these invalid inputs, wavg still yields some resul...

lan by New Contributor II
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KDB+ and POWER BI connection

Hello, I need to connect POWER BI with KDB. i tried using simba ODBC but iam having problem with theconnection when i try to connect to a kdb server which has partition table it shows error while connecting. Is there any other way to connect kdb with...

Ramkumar by New Contributor
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KX & kdb/q Search Engine Shortcut

Hey all, In any modern browser, you can define your own search engine under settings. One useful case here is to setup a shortcut to code.kx, so that you can type a keyword (e.g. "kx") in your browser address bar, press tab and enter a search term su...

dcrossey_3-1624964722173.png dcrossey_2-1624964701101.png dcrossey_4-1624964767029.png dcrossey_0-1624964629335.png
dcrossey by New Contributor III
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First day

Good Morning!I just got to know kdb + and the q language.I am reading and practicing based on the website just made several examples with lists.Now I'm in the dictionaries.Example:d1: `a`b`c! (1 2; 3 4 5; 6 7 8 9)Doubt:How...

How to get experience

Hi guy, I'm new to kdb and I just started to learn it. In my town (montreal) there are some hedge funds who are looking for kdb developer but all of them they are looking for +2 years of experience. I want to know, how did you land your first entry l...