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Resolved! how to create temp variable inside $[]

if i use $[] for if how can i add temp variable there? my understanding is it is either condition or the return value. so how can i put the below logic into this? suppose i have only input x and the if else logic below. $[x=`a;5; ?] if x = 'a' return...

Resolved! Q on Linux: Can't use arrow keys

I recently installed Q/Kdb+ 4.0 onto PopOS and for some reason, I can't use the arrow keys to go back through my Q terminal history When I press the up or down arrow I get an output similar to this q)^[[A //up-arrowq)^[[B //down-arrow The above chara...

scholzi by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Unable to run/install Q Developer

Hello! I installed the basic windows prompt for Q and that works, but now I am trying to install Developer and have encountered many problems. When trying to launch launcher.q_ to use Developer, I am shown the Windows error prompt: "C:\developer\laun...

BigGorilla by New Contributor III
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Joy of q: Let it snow

In a post on the Array Thinking blog I explored an array-oriented approach to a simple problem: representing snowflakes falling through the air. The problem is a classic for an object-oriented approach: define a Snowflake class, set wind speed as a g...

Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 13.01.52.png
SJT by Contributor III
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