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PyKX 1.6.2 released + Available on Anaconda

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
PyKX 1.6.2 has been released. Full details on the release can be found here.
  • Added to_local_folder keyword argument when installing pykx for q in situations where QHOME is non writable
  • Added functionality and example to allow usage patterns which require multithreaded execution requires global state updates on main thread
  • Fixed issue causing a crash when closing QConnection instances on Windows
  • Fix to regression which limited Jupyter Magic execution locally
  • Update to q library to 2023.08.11 to fix issues with:
    • Binding functions using FFI
    • Inability for users to run peach executions when calling Python functions
Full details including details on other fixes included here.
PyKX is available on PyPi and Anaconda:

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Community Manager

Great stuff, Rian 🙌

Thanks for sharing!