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PyKX 2.2.1 Released

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

PyKX 2.2.1 has been released 🎆 Full details on the release can be found here.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Some messages to stdout were not being captured when running PyKX in it’s under Q modality or in various other edge cases, these are now being captured in all cases.
  • and qsql.exec query calls no longer call get when executing queries.
  • Null integral values in table keys no longer convert to floats and maintain masked behaviour when converting to Pandas
  • Python processes with PyKX loaded can now be terminated using SIGTERM signals from external to the process, previously PyKX was resulting in these not being actioned.
  • Support for conversions of datetime.time Python types to PyKX objects
  • Fix to inconsistencies in null value representations when converting pykx.TimestampVector objects to Python objects using .py() method
  • q dictionaries with tables as keys were incorrectly wrapped as pykx.KeyedTable objects, now correctly display as pykx.Dictionary
  • Use of  pykx.q.system.variable no longer prepends leading . to supplied string allowing users to get the variables associated with dictionary like namespaces.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

This is great, thanks for sharing Conor!