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PyKX IPC work with multithreading?

Hi there, I have a PyKx process that uses IPC to connect to a port, and we're running some KDB functions that involve multithreading (cutPeach). However everytime I run it, I keep getting the following error: Traceback (most recent call last):File "C...

cleung by New Contributor
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PyKx Console not showing from IPC Port

Hi there, I'm pretty new to using PyKX, and when migrating our code over from KDB to PyKX, we are running into issues with logging. We are using QConnection/IPC to grab a port in an existing environment, and query functions now via python. However, w...

cleung by New Contributor
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pykx error when import

Hi guys, I believe I've successfully installed pykx on my Linux server and no license error was thrown. However, I still got a weird error after loading init q code: File "pykx/_wrappers.pyx", line 499, in pykx._wrappers._factoryFile "pykx/_wrappers....

xzhai125 by New Contributor
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