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Welcome to the KX Community!

My name is Laura, I am part of the Evangelism Team in KX and I am one of the Managers of this Community, welcome! Use this board to introduce yourself, tell us who you are and what experience you have with KX Technology. Are you a q-bie starting out ...

Laura by Community Manager
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Dancing in the Light: APL Re-Imagined in Lisp

Frustrated by the verbosity of back-end, analytical code, veteran developer Andrew Sengul wrote a compiler April so he could embed APL code in his Lisp programs. In episode 23 of the ArrayCast podcast we talk to Andrew about the relationship between ...

SJT by Contributor III
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Still smiling: Morten Kromberg on the Array Cast

Morten Kromberg, Dyalog CTOQ has sometimes been described as a blend of Lisp and APL. Episode 21 of the Array Cast podcast is an interview with Morten Kromberg, CTO of Dyalog Ltd, vendor of q’s Iversonian ancestor language, APL. Morten recounts some ...

2014_Morten_Kromberg_300.jpg 2014_Morten_Kromberg_300.jpg
SJT by Contributor III
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