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Complete reset of workspace

I had completed the first section of the advance capstone and run the tests and all of them passed. However, I tried changing one of my answers to this section whilst working on section 2 and now anytime I put in my original answers to the first sect...

Resolved! Exercise 3.6

I am unsure where I am wrong with my .z.pg Spoiler (Highlight to read).z.pg:{[x] i: where .perm.users.user = .z.u;auth:.perm.users.api[first i];$[auth ~ `all;value x;.perm.parseQuery[x] ~ auth; value x; `notAuthorized]}.z.pg:{[x] i: where .perm.users...

daramcs_1-1695042000184.png daramcs_1-1695042150849.png
daramcs by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Need help on Advance Capstone 3.4 excercise

Not able to get access the port after .z.pw function. .z.pw:{[user;pswd] $[.Q.sha1 pswd ~.perm.users[user][`password]; 1b; 0b]} meta .perm.users c | t f a --------| ----- user | s password| X api | s .perm.users user | password api -------| ---------...

ashish31 by New Contributor III
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