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PyKX 2.3.0 Released

Hi All, PyKX 2.3.0 has been released Full details of the release can be found here. Additions PyKX now supports the use of KDB_LICENSE_B64 or KDB_K4LICENSE_B64 configuration values/environment variables to define the content of a kc.lic or k4.lic lic...

cmccarthy1 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! PyKX could not establish an IPC connection in the Flask app

I'm trying to make a connection from a Flask app, but it shows a QError: .pykx.i.isw. I tried the same function without a Flask app, and it can make a connection. Please find attached. Can you please take a look on it.

PyKX Project - Netflix - Exercise 3

Problem - ### Exercise 3 Create a new table called `nonEngViews` containing the most viewed non-english film or tv series. Save the table as a variable in the q memory space called `nonEngViews`. Tried Solutions - 1. Return a single record in output ...

Utsav by New Contributor
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PyKX 2.2.0 Released

Hi all,PyKX 2.2.0 has been released Full details on the release can be found here. Examples of each of these changes are included in the release note and highlighted in the video attached (1.5x speed suggested).Additions: Aggregation agg method to Py...

cmccarthy1 by New Contributor III
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Habla Computing's New Post on PyKX!

Hello everyone! We've prepared an in-depth example demonstrating how to migrate a Python codebase utilizing the potential of PyKX to enhance a traffic forecasting project with Machine Learning. This serves as a follow-up to the previous post titled "...