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Parallelising .Q.dpft with default compression enabled

.Q.dpft and why to parallelise it .Q.dpft can be split into 4 steps Find the index ordering of the table with iasc Enumerate table against sym file Save down table 1 column at a time, reordering and applying attributes as it goes Set .d file down Sin...

Resolved! What did -11!log do underlying

Hi Community, I tried to replay a tickerplant file (~12GB), with -11!logfile. After done, I tried .Q.w[] and saw iterms, used ~18GB, heap ~33GB. Then I called .Q.gc[], used still ~18GB, heap ~18GB, 15GB space were freed after gc. To better manage the...

Xiaocheng by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Querying HDB database after schema update.

Hello Community, I am helping a client who cannot query the HDB database after a schema update. A new column ''source'' was added and now when they query the table, the following error that the directory cannot be found is generated: ./2021.07.23/bon...

LeahS by Moderator
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