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Resolved! Web interface, JSON

Hi - does anyone have a customization to the .z.ph handler that would allow the caller to receive JSON data, the same way that adding q.csv to the URL would result in a CSV file being returned from the server? TIA

grigora by New Contributor II
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using .z.w to call python

We have a "legacy" python system where some quant researchers using qpython to query data from q processes into python. At one q process, I have something like .z.po:{if[not any (`$.z.w"system \"echo $USER\"") in exec distinct user from .perm.users;h...

aele by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Creating heartbeat monitor for server-client

What would be the way of going about creating a heartbeat table server side to monitor response times to each of the servers clients. I have been exploring this but am unsure on how to send a message from server to client and only know how to do clie...

ngumbo by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Creating access Log IPC

How can one track attempted logins to a specific server. I know to use .z.pc/po to track open and closed connections, does .z.pw need to be used to track failed login attempts .i.e wrong user name/ password ?

ngumbo by New Contributor II
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Resolved! IPC

Hey Team, I'm currently working through IPC and am working on creating a query log table to store all queries done on a process. I am attempting to modify .z.pi so that for each query ran in q it updates a query table. This is my current query: .z.pi...

ngumbo by New Contributor II
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