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Resolved! Decimal type or representing very big numbers

What would be the most optimal approach for storing cryptocurrency values in kdb/q, considering the limitations posed by insufficient precision when using floats and potential limitations when using integers? Specifically, certain cryptocurrencies li...

Jenthas by New Contributor
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Resolved! HDB - map sym to int for partitioning

Our access patterns are heavily based upon accessing one sym for a long history, rather than accessing everything for a given date. As such it would be massively more efficient for us to partition by sym rather than by date. Or even to maintain two H...

erichards by New Contributor II
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Resolved! How to re-subscription automatically in kdb-tick?

I understand that kdb-tick should be run in order from ticker. However, if ticker is terminated for some reason, rdb does not subscribe to the re-run ticker. Need a way to re-subscribe or a reference for implementation.

k-mambo by New Contributor III
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