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Resolved! Getting License error

Hi Floks, I am new KDB, while running q session, I am getting below error. Can you please help on this.

srevuri4 by New Contributor II
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Need help setting up the q environment in Mac

Hi, I have my $PATH set to bin, $QHOME and $QLIC. Now $QLIC and $QHOME are paths to the m64 library which has the q.k license and the q source file. But I'm still getting this error. Can you help me on how to resolve this?  You are awesome! Thank you...

Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 8.51.26 PM.png
nvadithya by New Contributor
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Resolved! how to clear the current line

I am using the console, how can I clear the current line? It seems the usual "Esc" button does not work. For example: q)"hello world" And I would like to clear this line on this console. Thanks.

Resolved! Q on Linux: Can't use arrow keys

I recently installed Q/Kdb+ 4.0 onto PopOS and for some reason, I can't use the arrow keys to go back through my Q terminal history When I press the up or down arrow I get an output similar to this q)^[[A //up-arrowq)^[[B //down-arrow The above chara...

scholzi by New Contributor II
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Resolved! q console error causes other client connections to hang

Hello experts, Use below steps to replicate this issue. Start new kdb+ process. C:\q\w32\q.exe Make the process listen to port 10000. \p 10000 Create a variable and assign some value. a:10 Start a new kdb+ process which listens on port 10001 C:\q\w32...

RV by New Contributor III
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