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Resolved! How to remove an empty symbol from q dictionary

2023.03.10| data.log202303120859 2023.03.11 | data.log202303120859 | data.log202303120859 2023.03.12| data.log202303120859 data.log2023031319592023.03.13| data.log202303131959 Here i want to remove the null value from date 2023.03.13 > logs:`data.log...

Aakash by New Contributor II
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Resolved! How does (first'') works?

dict:`a`b`c!((enlist 1; enlist `a);(enlist 2;enlist `b);(enlist 3;enlist `c))q)(first'') dicta| 1 `ab| 2 `bc| 3 `cq)(first') dicta| 1b| 2c| 3q)How does (first'') work, please? And then how would (first''') work?Thank you!

kdb_newbie by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Insert a not matching dictionary to a table

Hello, I would like to append a row to a table with data that is saved as a dictionary. The dictionary might have additional keys when comparing it to the columns in the table so upsert is not possible. I would like to only upsert the values from the...

jhug by New Contributor
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