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Question on sorting a large partitioned table

Hello, Currently, I would like to sort a partitioned table by its column colA and colB. I simple perform the following actions: { t:`colA`colB xasc select from `://; (`://;17;2;6) set t} for each dates However, the q service was killed occasionally d...

jackyyuk by New Contributor
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Resolved! Dynamically project function

Two questions on function projection Firstly, how can I project a function to one with no args, i.e. deferred execution. fn: {[x] x+1}; Obviously fn[1] or fn @ 1 will invoke the function now. Is there a way without wrapping it in another fn? Secondly...

erichards by New Contributor II
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Vector programming in q – online workshop – Sun 25 Sep

If you learned long ago to break problems into loops, writing vector solutions takes study and practice. (It is actually easier for students who have not previously learned a ‘scalar’ language.) Much more is possible than just replacing for-loops wit...

SJT by Valued Contributor
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Resolved! Accumulators - Access additional list / column

I have a table created like below. t:([]c: 30 40 25 20 4 4; c1: 10 20 5 25 5 4) c2 is calculated Column (value from c1 or prev c2 is used based on evaluation). prev value is taken as 0 for first row / if not available Below are the calculations. c c1...

RV by New Contributor III
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