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Resolved! Facing error when installing JDBC client for kdb+.

Hi I'm trying to install JDBC client for kdb+. I followed the steps given in kx's jdbc repository. KxSystems/jdbc: JDBC client for kdb+ (github.com) When I give mvn clean compile command, it threw the error like "no dependency information available"....

Senthil by New Contributor
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Orphan memory in KDB process using Rserve

Hi Everyone, our team is one of the users of Rserve for integrating KDB with R. Recently we noticed that one of our processes working with a R server was bloating in memory. Oddly, the .Q.w did not show any bloating in memory and .Q.gc didnt release ...

Resolved! Using gRPC from q

gRPC client for q, qrpc was released. Since gRPC is one of the most popular protocol in a large system, q users might have conducted extensive search on the internet to find a solution that can translate your proto files without sacrificing type chec...