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Resolved! Async broadcast to websocket handles using internal function -25!

Hi, I try to subscribe table in KDB server from a javascript client using websocket and receive message from KDB server. The websocket connection is good, and I can get the handle (assume the handle is 10). However, when I try to publish data to java...

lzl by New Contributor II
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Resolved! how does "block ipc" work

Hello Everyone, I would like to trouble you to explain how does "blocking" a handle work regards to https://code.kx.com/q/basics/ipc/#handle-messages section "block, queue, flush". I put the following code into a q file for env set-up and load the fi...

blockingTest_pic_1.jpg blockingTest_pic_2.jpg blockingTest_pic_3.jpg
leguan by New Contributor III
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What does \t (neg h)"command"; h"command" return?

Happy Friday all, had a few questions about the mechanics of IPC: 1. Are IPC messages sent in a FIFO (first in, first out) queue? For example, say I am a client sending IPC messages m1, m2, m3 in that order to a server. Will the server process m1, m2...

SSL_CIPHER_LIST RESET ciphers configured.

Hello TeamI wanted to remove weak ciphers configured using SSL_CIPHER_LIST to avoid vulnerabilities. I tried exporting the parameter using (SSL_CIPHER_LIST) getting same set of ciphers configured earlier post restart.Can someone please help me? Thank...

KPC by New Contributor
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