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Resolved! How to modify the execution command in qJupyter?

I am trying to start qJupyter on one of our servers. All well, but I need to modify the q command it uses because we only have a licence for 2 cores on our dev server and I need to append taskset -c 1,2 before the q command. Does anyone know how to a...

Resolved! Constrained Curve Fitting in KDB

Anyone have (or know of) an implementation of constrained curve fitting in KDB? Similar to this scipy.optimize.curve_fit — SciPy v1.11.1 Manual in python.

jattwick by New Contributor II
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KDB 4.0 Thread Local Memory

From KDB 4.0 release notes: The -w limit (M1/m2) is no longer thread-local, but domain-local: command-line option -w and system command \w set the limit for domain 0. Is there a way to circumvent this so that memory is still thread local in KDB 4.0?

jattwick by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Amend Entire Works in memory but not with a handle?

I've noticed some weird behaviour with amend entire using lists of lists. The behaviour is different depending on whether on I use a file handle or pass the list directly to the function. Code to recreate is pasted below: weirdPartition:(1 2 3f;();en...

jattwick by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Facing error when installing JDBC client for kdb+.

Hi I'm trying to install JDBC client for kdb+. I followed the steps given in kx's jdbc repository. KxSystems/jdbc: JDBC client for kdb+ (github.com) When I give mvn clean compile command, it threw the error like "no dependency information available"....

Senthil by New Contributor
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