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Resolved! Partition Table Memory Usage

I'm seeing some weird behaviour with querying a partition table (partitioned by month) This table has 414 columns, so each partition (if we select all columns is about 25 GB). This is a special table (not dealing with this many columns regularly). ra...

jattwick by New Contributor II
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Resolved! q check/load csv with file name including "-"

I would like to load csv files and save it to kdb. Bute file name is like file-20230818.csv, which might not be recognized by q. How can I deal with the symbol "-"? thanks

renbright by New Contributor II
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setup kx/kdb instance in a new linux server/machine

I have deployed KX/KDB software to a new linux server with lisence. q session could be launched and works. But I cannot make connection from an external server (e.g. my local machine via #C and JAVA) to the new KDB server. Is there any steps missing?...

renbright by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Decimal type or representing very big numbers

What would be the most optimal approach for storing cryptocurrency values in kdb/q, considering the limitations posed by insufficient precision when using floats and potential limitations when using integers? Specifically, certain cryptocurrencies li...

Jenthas by New Contributor
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