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Resolved! domain and range

What do the below letters mean? https://code.kx.com/q/ref/deltas/ domain: b g x h i j e f c s p m d z n u v trange: i . i i i j e f . . n i i f n u v t Thank you! I had like to understand how do I read these when referring to the documentation.

kdb_newbie by New Contributor II
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Resolved! mmap increasing every time table is queried

Hi all, We have a table with a mix of atom and string columns. Every time we query certain date partitions with a simple select: select from table where date = x we see the process mmap usage increase. The only way we know to reduce this is by restar...

eohara_kdb by New Contributor III
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SSL_CIPHER_LIST RESET ciphers configured.

Hello TeamI wanted to remove weak ciphers configured using SSL_CIPHER_LIST to avoid vulnerabilities. I tried exporting the parameter using (SSL_CIPHER_LIST) getting same set of ciphers configured earlier post restart.Can someone please help me? Thank...

KPC by New Contributor II
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KDB-TICK with Docker-Compose

Docker image-based container environment has been widely used. However, the Docker Compose for KDB-TICK is not found. Can I get some documents for reference? The image of Docker Hub is mostly 32bit. The 32-bit version is no longer available. Do I hav...

k-mambo by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Why regular expression doesn't work with bracket?

I have below codes. Why the regular expression doesn't work with {2}? The last 2 lines should be 1b instead. How to make it work? Thanks. "42" like "[0-9][0-9]"; // i.e. 1b"42" like "[0-9]{2}"; // i.e. 0b "42" like "[0-9]{2,2}"; // i.e. 0b

vivo by New Contributor III
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