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Resolved! Setting multiple View state parameters at once

I have a data source which returns the simple table below, containing 3 columns and a single row a b c-----1 2 3 Whats the best way to assign the values 1,2, and 3 to separate viewstate parameters? eg: view_state_param1 = 1, view_state_param2 = 2, vi...

jlucid by Contributor
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Resolved! Data grid edit and increment

Hi team, I am currently using a data grid component to display and edit column values. However, for some values which contain many decimal places, or contain a large numbers of digits, it can be prone to user error. I have put in place validation che...

jlucid by Contributor
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Problem of Zooming

Some components are not fully displayed when zooming, is there any solution from dashboard to fix the problem? like setting the maximum scaling rate?   

WXWorkLocal_16938841098146.png WXWorkLocal_16938841786828.png
xian by New Contributor
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Resolved! Crosshair line thickness

Does anyone know to increase the thickness of the crosshair vertical line when doing a playback on a chartGL? The style->Advances Css -> Element Selector is able to highlight the cross hair element in blue, but clicking on it does not open the compon...

jlucid by Contributor
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