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Custom Drop down for NFAR resolution for every alert instance

Hi all,I'm looking to add custom resolution to NFAR for every alert instance generated in Action Tracker Custom drop down options per alert instance for NFAR state. For instance with X we might have the choices: NFAR – EFP with futures based on prev ...

naraink by New Contributor
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Resolved! KX Dashboards Help "Text Editor"

Hi, I’m having trouble with the TEXT Editor component on KX Dashboards. I’m trying to display some static and metric data from our gateway. But I’m not sure how to edit the data source using the “Template Text”, I just want to extract the values from...

Micwil1_0-1643982957779.png Micwil1_1-1643982957784.jpeg
Micwil1 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Issue with Audio Alerts on kx Dashboards

Hi there, I'm trying to set up an audio alert for a table in a kx dashboard with user input parameters. The datasource for the audio alert is empty to start with so that notifications are essentially off when the dashboard is loaded. Once the user in...

rcoen01 by New Contributor II
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KX Dashboards - Intraday Chart with Historical Snap

Hi, I'm working with a client that wants to build a streaming analytic chart but with the option to switch mode to snap to historical data. Typically we can use a GW to stitch RDB and HDB data together but this use case is slightly different in that ...

dirwin by New Contributor
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