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When to do nothing

A common beginner mistake is to specify iteration when it is already implicit in q’s operators and keywords. This is a shame, because implicit iteration is almost always the fastest – and speed is what you came for, right? A new article on

SJT by Contributor III
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Missing some items

We encounter the enlist keyword early in learning q; a reliable way to make a one-item list where 1# won’t do. But there is a bit more to enlist than that. In the first place, it is not only variadic – taking various numbers of arguments – it will ta...

SJT by Contributor III
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Resolved! Running Entry Count

Hey Qbies, I have a table containing for multiple symbols that I'm looking to count rows... For example: symbol | symbol count | dataset count aapl | 1 | 1 aapl| 2 | 2 goog| 1 | 3 Basically, I want to get identify the row count by symbol and then by ...

planefan by Contributor
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Resolved! Window Join w/ Multiple Symbols

Whats good, Qbies. I have 2 tables I'm trying to put together with a window join using `sym`time columns. The output table comes through fine, but I go through the data and it's clearly mixing results from different symbols. What gives? I've checked ...

planefan by Contributor
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