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qpython to select columns from table

This is about qpython code. Let's say we have a table named "t" with 2 columns "name" and "iq" in kdb: from qpython import qconnection, qcollection q = qconnection.QConnection(host='localhost', port=5000): q("t:flip `name`iq!(`Dent`Beeblebro...

Cartesian Products

Hello, I'm a professional furniture maker and hobbyist programmer. I'm looking to calculate some basic paths to victory analysis on a series of x games with n players, each placing 1-n in any given game, with the ultimate number of outcomes being n!^...

jn001 by New Contributor II
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How do you start thinking in vectors?

In his reply to How long should a name be @darrenwsun raises a point so important it deserves a thread of its own, so I’m promoting it here. Darren wrote: As a dev using this language and a practitioner of the technology, I'm proud of its unprecedent...

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SJT by Contributor III
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How long should a name be?

How long should a variable or function name be? A well-established tradition encourages us to use clear, meaningful names; names that explain what the variable contains, what the function does. Here is an alternative strategy – don’t. Bertrand Russel...

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SJT by Contributor III
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