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KDB Insights Enterprise Error: "Querying database using (Q) raised - Connection reset"

New Contributor II

Good evening,

I've been working on KDB Insights Enterprise to build a demo and I am having problems querying the data.

Once I've built the pipeline and database schema (and consequently deployed it) I can query data for a while, but then I get a log fatal error (in the database, not in the pipeline). The mentioned log error is: 

   "message":"[eod] Lost connection to eoi",

And the error I am getting:



And I am not sure how to fix it. Any suggestion? Why is this happening?


Kind regards,




Can you check resource usage in your cluster? If you ingest too much data to fit into the memory of the EOI process, it will exit with a memory limit error (-w abort) and be unable to persist your data.

I cannot, right now I am working remotly and I have no access to the cluster.

I have two questions on that.

  • How much is "too much" data? I am sending by Kafka a 32 items dictionary each second, which after the pipeline will be appended as a new row to the table (with 32 columns).
  • Is there any way on increasing the memory from Insights Enterpise itself?

Kind regards,