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AOC 2022; the new ArrayCast episode – and Ashok on next!

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

The qbists review of Advent of Code 2022 solutions has reached Day 17, which includes a simple console animation. (Below.)

In the latest episode of the Array Cast podcast we discuss the relevance of recreational programming. It has a special importance for qbies. The commercial advantage derived from q’s speed means much production q code is hidden by corporate security and non-disclosure agreements. That can make it hard for qbies to learn from examples. The Advent of Code competition is a rare chance to see and study  how veteran qbists tackle problems. 

In the next podcast episode, recording 17 January, our guest is KX CEO Ashok Reddy. You can propose questions to or (on Twitter) @arraycast. (Any questions asked will be unattributed unless you say otherwise.) 



Moderator Moderator

A brilliant listen!

And what an epic next episode to look forward to - ArrayCast meets Ashok! 

Great work @SJT!