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ATTN EXPERTS: Q/K KDB+ Interview Test Questions?

New Contributor

We have been tasked with many KDB clients in NA to recruit and qualify the best talent for their businesses. We have been working with many top talent in compiling a master interview list where we can evaluate the depth of a candidate's skills/experience as it pertains to Q/K KDB+. The short list can be given to candidates that interview for developer to lead developer roles by verbally accessing their skills and be freely utilized by the KX/KDB+ Networking Groups...�And we would like to reach-out to you for your input.

Please feel free to knowledge share with any printed, links, tests, or freely knowledge share your top questions within "Q", "K" and KDB+. Also if you are an expert and would like to earn extra cash in accessing candidates for us off site after your work hours (via phone screen), we would like to hear from you!�

Thank you, as I look forward to hearing from all KDB industry KDB experts.�

Randy Kishun
Executive Director, Talent Acquisition
646-484-8RPO (Main)
917-941-3002 (Direct) �