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[C API] krr/orr doesn't report error

New Contributor III
I'm working on a pet project on Windows (MSVC 2019 Community) that intend to create a DLL that is to be invoked from q.exe.

I found that krr/orr didn't seem to work as advertised in the documentations.

Sample code:

/// testdll.cpp
#define KXVER 3
#include <k.h>
char *msg{ "Test error!" };
extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) K test(K) { return krr(msg); }

/// test.q
test:`testdll 2:(`test;1)
test[] / does not report error as expected

According the documentation, krr is supposed to report error in q, but it didn't. May I know if there is anything with my understanding about krr/orr?

New Contributor
the code look ok. 
build it with debug symbols and run it in the debugger.

New Contributor
I had a similar issue on Linux. The problem was that I was linking with c.o even though I was building a shared library. Removing the linkage fixed the issue for me. Not sure if it's similar on Windows.