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C++ Application Using Kx Interface Crashes with SIGSEGV after Upgrade to Qt v6.4.2

New Contributor

Hello there,

I have recently encountered issues using the Kx C++ interface with an application I develop in the Qt framework after upgrading from Qt 5.15.2 to 6.4.2 (which also involved upgrading the Mingw version from 8.1.0 to 11.2.0. In my application I am using the most recent versions of k.h and w64/c_static.lib from the KxSystems GitHub. After doing the upgrade, the program compiles, builds and starts fine however on the very first call to a method defined in k.h:

ktn(KS, 0)

the entire application crashes with a SIGSEGV error. Since I don't have access to the source for the ktn method I cannot pinpoint where the crash is occurring.


For reference, I am able to run the application without any errors with this set up (C++ 14):



I am experiencing the crash when I try to start the application after rebuilding with this setup (C++ 17):



Is there any known compatibility issues with the C++ interface and the versions I am using above?

Thank you