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How best to test with and/or visualize my data

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I have successfully written a technical indicator into Q. Nice!

However, this was using a CSV with the time and OHLC values pre-set. What are some next best steps for me to take to be able to apply it to other data sources, perhaps via streaming? Should I use Dashboards or Developer or something else? What degree of streaming is available? I would eventually like to run tests (such as test different variable values and compare the output's correlation to price) and visualize the data. I don't necessarily need to stream the data as I could export a bunch of CSVs manually (although it's not ideal or what I was hoping to get out of Q), so in this case, what would the best way to organize different sets of CSVs be to keep them organized and still be able to visualize and test the data? Do I need to use Python or can I do it all in Q? I currently don't really know any Python so I'd prefer to do everything in Q if that's possible or reasonable. I'm not really sure what my next step should be, so anything in this direction is helpful.

Any advice is apprecaited, thanks. Sorry for spamming this forum!



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Thank you for sharing with the community - All questions welcome, no need to worry about that.

Interested to hear feedback from fellow contributors.

Kind regards,


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Hi LeahS,
Thanks for your words of kindness and glory. I am eargly anticipating a solution to my many life problems, but especially the ones listed above. All of this is so overwhelming! I can hardly sleep at night.

Many thanks again,