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How to combine customized Q scripts and Kx Developer together based

New Contributor
Hi, Masters:
  I have an environment(gateway, tickplanter, rdb, hdb...) running at the Anaconda platform with EmbedyPy. There're several scripts running and ports mounted.
  As Kx released the Kx Developer, I had installed it and it runs fine.
  But my question is how to combine them together and running smoothly? My idea is modify the launch.q_ of Kx Developer, but it was encrypted. Do you have any suggestion?


New Contributor III
What does your requirement of "combine them together and running smoothly" mean? Could you please describe what exactly is not running smoothly now?

I guess he means flying smoothly i.e. one script to run them all and stop them if needed etc.

Flying you are DUH man. The only reason I post here is because of great flying insights from your good self 🙂