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Information about remote end from handle passed into .z.po

New Contributor II

Is there a way to retrieve more information about the remote end that initiated the connection using the handle passed into .z.po?  I have the .z.a (ip address) and .z.u (user id).  I was hoping to find out more about the other end of the connection.  If the other end of the connection is a q process, I can determine that by using the handle (h) and requesting .z.X from the handle (h".z.X") to find out what command line was used to initialize the process.  But if I use this h".z.X" call on a non q process (maybe c code) handle it doesn't return.  Are there calls I can make to a handle that will reveal more information about the handle.


Thank you.


Moderator Moderator

Hi trosales,

You could write a callback function to gather more information from your q process and return the result, or perhaps consider extending the .z functionality, for example see Using modified .z functions to trace, monitor and control execution – Knowledge Base – kdb+ and q do...


New Contributor II

Thank you for the quick response.  I will try your suggestions.