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Installation for ARM64

New Contributor

Hi all ,

I have been trying to install kdb+ using the steps on the website but I have been unsuccessful. To start off, the spctl and xattr commands don't work. Secondly I realized I may have the wrong q build since I am using M1. I couldn't find a version compatible with arm64 on the website and there's only one default version for Mac.


Any help would be much appreciated . Thank you !


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

There is a note on this page which will be of help


"If the spctl and xattr commands above have not authorized the OS to run q, open System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

You should see a notification that q has been blocked – and a button to override the block.

 Safely open apps on your Mac"

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I am having the same issue on M1 Pro. During step 4, when I run command q/m64/q, I get error 

"q" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Bin.

Running spctl --add q/m64/q also gives an error:

q/m64/q: invalid API object reference

q may have been quarantined by the OS. Can you try to run :

xattr -d path/to/m64/q


Hi, I have the same problem as @shintensei . 

when running spctl --add q/m64/q, it gives an error:

q/m64/q: invalid API object reference

and when I try the code in your response 

xattr -d path/to/m64/q

another error came up:

xattr: No such file: path/to/m64/q

do you know how to solve this? 😭 really appreciate if you can help.


if I change the path with my own one, the error is:

xattr: /Users/zhangboran/Desktop/未命名/m64/m64/q: No such xattr:

New Contributor

Confirming that xattr command has resolved the issue. Thank you