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KDB-TICK with Docker-Compose

New Contributor III

Docker image-based container environment has been widely used.

However, the Docker Compose for KDB-TICK is not found.

Can I get some documents for reference?

The image of Docker Hub is mostly 32bit. The 32-bit version is no longer available.

Do I have to make a docker image myself?


Moderator Moderator

Thanks for posting on the KX Community!

I encourage the feedback from fellow community contributors here!

New Contributor

Hi kmambo

I'm not sure if you mean docker compose or docker images here.

In terms of images/containers - I put some simple docker wrappers around tick for use with home assistant.

It uses the embedPy images as a base, so it includes the runtimes etc. for kx on demand. The env file will allow you to automatically answer the licenses questions, so as long as you have validated your email address you should be fine. There are some changes to tick in that fork but can see the commits and readme for what's been changed)
There is also a arm32 version here - 


Both of these were for personal projects - so no warranty I'm afraid.


in order to use this with docker-compose, it should be relatively easy to convert the start commands to compose (although I haven't tried, yet)

Hope that helps.