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KDB with Java

New Contributor III

I'm use KxSystems/javakdb with commons-pool2.

Is the connection pool meaningless because KDB+ is a single thread?

Is it better to connect a TCP session when a request is required?

Is there any advantage in using Flip in Java rather than .j.j when processing function results?

I'm sorry I have many questions.



Contributor III
Contributor III

One item to note is that .j.j will put processing load on to the kdb+ process.

JSON also only has a limited set of datatypes which means you will need to write more q code to perform parsing/casting


Using the c.flip distributes the serialisation work across your java processes/threads and minimizes the work kdb+ will have to do to deserialise/parse/cast.


kdb+ does have a multithreaded input queue mode (but it does have restrictions)


but I won't use multithreaded input mode because many restrictions. kdb is fast enough, there is an advantage of single thread.